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Explore the sky.
Experience the world of flight and the beauty of the air.
Learn to fly for the fun of it, for the joy of accomplishment or for a new career.
Take to the sky for the freedom which wings provide.

Van Fleet Aviation
Blue Belle - photo by Guy Maher

Flight Instruction and Mountain Flying Course. Scenic and Photo Flights

Van Fleet Aviation

Congratulations to CJ Land on getting your Single Engine Seaplane Rating. The fun is only beginning as you explore the multitudes of liquid runways.

Van Fleet Aviation


For more information please contact Susan VanFleet

Tel: 828-413-3636 - Email:

Flight Instruction and Mountain Flying Course. Scenic and Photo Flights

Experience the World of Flight & Beauty of the Air
     Learn to FLY  for the fun of it,
                   for the joy of accomplishment, for the freedom which wings provide.

Flight School - Training & Instruction - Scenic Photo Flights from Foothills Regional Airport
Scattering Ashes
Photo courtesy of Pat Appleson Studios, Inc.

Susan Van Fleet, owner and operator of Van Fleet Aviation is a licensed Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, Instrument and Multi Engine Instructor. Susan is also a Commercial Glider Pilot, Single Engine Sea Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot and has been flight instructing since 1986. All flight training, scenic and photo flights are individualized for you and your schedule. Team teaching and aviation career counseling for my students is also available.

Scattering Ashes

Van Fleet Aviation is expanding its flight school to include Aerial Burial- Scattering of Ashes.

Van Fleet Aviation Aerial Burial is the scattering of ashes and the release of your loved one's spirit over the cherished land of North Carolina, the Appalachians or other special area of your desire.
The place is serene - Depart with dignity - Go in peace
At this time of sorrow and grief, or at this time in planning for you or your loved one's final resting place, please accept our compassion and understanding. We provide aerial burial with dignity and professionalism. We wish to meet your family's needs with respect, honoring the specific time, location and date you wish the scattering to be fulfilled.

For the following services: scattering ashes, aerial burial, flying and scattering of your ashes, scattering of your pets ashes, please call: 828 413-3636.


Splash Landing
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Frequently asked questions:

Question: Is age a factor in learning to fly?
Answer: I have students of all ages from 13 to 78. The ground school (book learning) is not difficult, it is just different than regular school work and in most cases a lot more interesting and fun.

Question: I don't have a lot of time to spare. Can I still learn to fly?
Answer: Yes, all training is individualized for each student and their schedule. Although ideally, a student learns best and remembers better by flying more frequently, some students fly less frequently because of time or expense. All fees are on a "pay as you go" basis, no money up front.

Question: I am interested in a career in aviation. How far can I go
toward fulfilling my goals?
Answer: Many students of aviation get their private license at their local airport so they are more eligible for scholarships to one of the over 200 aviation Colleges or Universities that have aviation programs. Some students elect to complete all their training and experience locally for a corporate pilot career, however it easier to obtain a job with the aviation degree from a two or four year accredited college.

 For more information call Susan at  828 413-3636

Susan VanFleet
VanFleet Aviation
301 Willow Court # 9 Central SC 29630

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Clemson Oconee County SC Airport and Pickens County SC Airport.

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